Computational Methods Group Meetings, Spring 2018

Computational Methods will meet every other week at 3:30 PM in the MCRC lab this semester (Spring 2018). This semester, we will be focusing on natural language processing and machine learning strategies and will have stand-along workshops for a multitude of other programs. Scheduled workshops include:

2/2/2018 – tidytext (R package), taught by Josephine Lukito

2/16/2018 – SQL Workshop, taught by Research Data Services

3/16/2018 – LaTeX workshop, taught by Chuan Liu

4/13/2018 – LDA Topic Modeling using topicmodels (R package), taught by Josephine Lukito

4/27/2018 – Structural Topic Modeling using stm (R package), taught by Chuan Liu

5/4/2018 – Leximancer workshop, taught by Josephine Lukito

Hope to see you all at one (or more) of our workshops!



Josephine Lukito

Computational Methods Lead