2012-2013 Political Scandal – Financial

This year’s projects examined the effects of political fact checking, gain/loss and sociotropic/pocketbook framing, and social class priming in the context of a political financial scandal.

The stimuli for the projects were fictitious political ads from a PAC that accused a congressman of accepting large campaign donations from the mortgage industry, while at the same time supporting a $300 million giveaway to the mortgage industry.

Presented papers:

“Reading the Truth-O-Meter: The influence of partisanship in interpreting the fact-check.” David Wise, Megan Duncan, Thomas Jaime, David Coppini, & Young Mie Kim. Submitted to AEJMC 2013.

“Hit ‘em hard! Political Partisans and Negative Attacks” David Coppini, Bryan McLaughlin, Catasha Davis and Doug McLeod Presented at AEJMC 2013, Washington DC.

“Revisiting and Expanding Gain Versus Loss Framing” Keith J. Zukas, Carroll University; Joshua D. Villanuev, University of  Wisconsin – Madison; Zander Miller, University of Wisconsin – Madison. MAPOR 2013.